Hawaii is an awesome location to own a retreat center as the weather is always good and retreat sessions can be scheduled year-round. Hawaii also offers an abundance of natural activities to enjoy, which means you don't have a lot of work to do when it comes to planning adventures for your guests. Here are a few features your new retreat center should offer for added convenience:

Power for Lights and Electronics

Because your retreat center is off-grid, you aren't connected to any city's power and water sources, which means you have to produce your own. Catching water in Hawaii is commonplace, but when it comes to power, people and businesses choose to use a variety of options. Your guests may not expect to have access to conventional power depending on the type of retreats your offer. For instance, if they'll be doing nothing but meditating and sleeping, they won't need to power their electronics.

But if your retreat includes free time for mingling, exploring beaches, and communicating with the outside world, you'll want to provide your guests with some power. This will allow guests to keep their smartphones and tablets working so they can call friends and family or check out reviews of attractions that are available to explore near your retreat center. Access to power will also allow you to put traditional lighting in the sleeping quarters so it's easier to see and get around at night.

Generators are commonly used in Hawaii because they're affordable and easy to operate on demand, but they're also noisy and can disrupt your guests during their stay — especially at night. Solar generators are the perfect alternative to conventional gas-powered models because they offer all the same benefits, but they're powered for free by the sun and they don't make any noise while in use.

Generally there aren't any ongoing costs to worry about that could cut into your retreat profits thanks to the abundant Hawaiian sun's ability to keep solar batteries full. So set up a solar generator in a common area of your retreat center and attach a couple of extension cords to it. Put a sign-up sheet on a table near the outlets so guests can share access to the power.

Contact a company like Renogy to learn more about portable and solar generator options.

Access to Free Food

Even if you provide free meals to your guests during retreats, it's a good idea to grow and maintain a food garden that people can pick from to create their own fresh snacks when they get hungry between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also use food from the garden to save money on ingredients when preparing group meals. Of course, fruit trees should be a part of the garden because they grow so well in Hawaii's humid climate and are easy to care for.

Avocado, mango, and jackfruit trees will provide you with an abundance of food to use throughout the year. You might even grow enough to sell to the public for added profits between retreats. You should also grow a variety of hardy vegetables that won't wilt under Hawaii's hot sun such as kale, collards, carrots, and all types of potatoes.

Alternative Transport Options

To make getting around your retreat center more enjoyable, and to afford guests the opportunity to explore nearby locations without having to rent a vehicle, offer them the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of transport options such as:

  • Roller Skates

  • Skateboards

  • Bicycles

  • Mopeds

  • Electric Scooters

Have guests check the equipment out by leaving their driver's license or another personal item behind as collateral. This will help ensure that you get the equipment back in the same shape it was lent out in.