Oil drilling is a very large and competitive industry. Most companies are in constant competition to develop a more productive and efficient system. Consequently, the practices, process, and technologies used in this industry can often change at a rapid pace. While good for the industry, a number of the professionals that work in the area don't always fully understand this new technology. Premium connections serve as one of those gray areas. Familiarizing yourself with this advancement can help determine if it's right for your needs.

Seal Integrity

Premium connections were designed to be an aid for horizontal drilling technology. Horizontal drilling offered a number of benefits, but this process also had a tendency to leak at the seals. Premium connections were birthed out of a need to help prevent these leaks by creating a tighter seal. An important aspect to remember about premium connections is that they have been designed with a greater seal integrity than past technologies. Premium connections are designed with seals that are metal on metal.

A series of thread compounds are then used within the metal connections to prevent galling from occurring, transmit loads, and to ensure the connection is lubricated. Tighter seals helps minimize waste, which in turn increases production. Overall, a metal-on-metal seal can help boost operation efficiency. However, similar to other methods, an extensive load history, excessively high contact pressure, and the type of seal compound used can also effect the integrity of the seal, overtime, so regular inspections are still required.

Pressure Restraints

One critical thing about premium connections that should not be overlooked are their pressure restraints. When drilling, an expansion process will typically occur. When this expansion process is excessively high, the connections can become distorted, expanding or constructing. While the metal seals used on premium connections make them ideal for seal integrity, their design doesn't offer much in the arena of flexibility.

Using a premium connection on a drill site that experiences significant expansion drastically shortens the life of the seal. Loss of seal integrity during or after the expansion process can cause a significant leak. Consequently, drilling processes that require a significant expansion process are generally not suited for use of premium connections. A more conventional method that affords more flexibility is typically better suited in this case.

Staying abreast with the latest technology is how you keep your organization moving in the right direction, forward. Whether premium connections are right for your needs or not, familiarizing yourself with this technology is important. Talk to a professional like Hunting PLC for more information.